Cloakroom locker ALDERA with feet 1920 x 600 x 500

Product code: D3N 30 2 1 S C1 7035 L1

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Cloakroom locker laminated doors, feet h=120 mm, shelf, clothes bar + 3 plastic hooks


Detailed Description

All the important constructional items of the third generation of the cloakroom lockers with doors inserted in a frame construction have been completely reworked. Metal parts are made of steel sheets with higher solidity. The frame construction of the frontal part of the body is newly profiled and provides higher resistance against violent breaking the door into the body and makes a solid support for the safety door bolt. The door construction has been also completely reworked. They are newly furnished with reinforcing elements, they are standardly prepared for installation of opening limiters and damping elements.

Ventilation system
The body is furnished with an efficient ventilation system which fulfils with a generous margin demands of DIN 4547 standard. Ventilation slots are cut in a safety section and they are placed in the frontal edge of the upper partition, in locker ́s bottom, in locker ́s back wall and on surface of all shelves. To ensure the right function of ventilation please follow the installation instruction of the producer.

Locking systems

● Cylindrical lock C1, 4000 combinations, a master key option.

● Turning security padlock cap OB1 is intended for a padlock of stirrup diameter 6 - 8 mm.

Locking system consists of a bolt with a safety hook which increases the resistance of the doors against violent breaking.

Extra charge equipment:

○ Coin deposit lock
○ Code mechanical lock
○ Code electronic lock
○ Online electronic systems
○ Chip electronic lock

The input material is steel plate or steel profiles. In painting line IDEAL-LINE there is applied
a Fe-phosphate layer and the segments are dried. It ensures a better adhesion of the powder coat to the base coat. The powder coat of the desired shade is then applied onto the segments in electrostatic field and then it is hardened at temperature of approx. 180 °C. The final coat is hygienic, flexible and scratch resistant.

Laminated doors are produced of laminated chipboard. The desk ́s limits are furnishd with ABS edge. This material is not suitable for moisty environments.


Specification points

Product line ALDERA

  • Doors made of laminated chipboard with ABS edge
  • Door bolt with a hook – protection against door crushing
  • Doors hinged on massive metal pivots, max. opening angle 100°
  • Hook for towel on dividing wall, not available for one-compartment lockers
  • Shelf with surface carrying capacity 30 kg
  • Clothes bar with carrying capacity 10 kg
  • 3 plastic hooks with carrying capacity 4 kg in each compartment
  • Mounting slots on sides of bodies for mounting into lines
  • Mounting slots on back wall of the body
  • Preparation for additional mounting of a shelf in the bottom part of the body
  • Their feet have a reinforced construction and are fitted with plastic endings.

Technical specification

Garment Lockers
Product line 3) Aldera - laminated door
Locker height (mm) 1800
Width of department (mm) 300
Number of departments (columns) 2
Number and arrangement of doors in the department 1x
Internal arrangement 1) S - shelf at the top, clothes rail and hooks
Upper structure 1) straight lids
Substructure 2) Feet 120 mm

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