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Locking systems

Cylinder Locks

19.12.2019 09:00 Locking systems

Cylinder locks clearly belong to the most popular locking systems. Their main advantage consists in the low price, reliability, simplicity of operation, and easy applicability of the lock to a wide range of products. Thanks to this, cylinder locks can be used in garment lockers, lockable boxes, filing cabinets, workshop cabinets and many other products.

Swivel Padlock Safety Locking Devices

18.12.2019 10:00 Locking systems

Swivel safety locking devices can be used with a wide range of products. They can be used in garment lockers, lockable boxes and many other products.

Coin Deposit Locks

16.12.2019 09:00 Locking systems

Customers mostly order coin deposit locks for cabinet systems and lockers installed in publicly accessible places. 

Coin deposit locks are available in two basic variants: 

  • The basic version of the coin lock is supplied in a fixed design version set for one nominal value and type of coin.
  • The higher range of the twin-coin lock allows the use of two different coins.

Coin Locks

13.12.2019 10:00 Locking systems

Coin locks are most commonly ordered by customers for germant lockers installed in publicly accessible locations. The fee for using the locker is collected in coin boxes installed directly under the lock.

Mechanical Code Locks

11.12.2019 10:00 Locking systems

KWFK mechanical code locks are easy to use in garment lockers, parcel lockers and lockers with lockable boxes. Their price is significantly lower compared to electronic code locks, and thanks to the mechanical principle, there is no need to worry about battery replacement.​

Electronic Code Locks

10.12.2019 10:00 Locking systems

KWFE electronic code locks can be used in garment lockers, cabinets with lockable compartments, mobile device charging cabinets, and in many other products. These locks are mounted in a standard 16/19 mounting hole, and the locking bolt attachment system is compatible with the systems commonly used by cylinder lock manufacturers.

Versa Electronic Code Locks

08.12.2019 10:00 Locking systems

If you would like to equip our garment lockers, lockable boxes, office or workshop cabinets with electronic code locks, we have a very good solution for you. It is Versa locks, which are available in two sizes, and can be both vertically and horizontally oriented.

Versa Electronic Chip RFID Locks

07.12.2019 10:00 Locking systems

For customers who are looking for a locking system for garment lockers, lockable boxes or charging cabinets using a RFID chip, we offer the option of mounting Versa electronic locks.
The locks can be ordered in the design for horizontal or vertical mounting, and the customer can choose from two sizes.

Electronic locks for online control systems

06.12.2019 09:00 Locking systems

EB electronic solenoid locks are designed for applications in cabinets and parcel lockers. Unlocking of the lock is handled by an external electronic system designed according to the customer's requirements.