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Outdoor E-Bike Charging Locker

We are proud of the projects that have a great benefit for the environment. These include the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and environmentally friendly means of transport. Without a doubt, outdoor e-bike charging lockers belong to such projects.

We strive to think about everything and deliver the projects down to the last detail. That is why the doors of individual lockers have a cable passage. Charge your e-bike in your own way, either remove the battery from the bike and charge it inside the locker, or connect the e-bike directly to the stand with a cable

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Look at what we have already been able to create for our clients.


Features that won’t let you down

We produce outdoor battery charging lockers from durable, galvanized sheet metal, which can withstand even bad weather. Individual lockers are equipped with a 230 V socket, the doors have with a cable passage. The charging lockers are equipped with a cooling system.

Based on your requirements, it is possible to equip the charging lockers with these locking mechanisms:

  • Cylinder locks
  • Swivel closing devices for the padlock 
  • Coin deposit or payment locks
  • Electronic code or chip locks