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Rechargeable tool dispenser - tool alfaBOX

The smart tool dispensers, alfaBOX, are changing how you borrow, charge, and manage tools such as drills, riveters, cordless screwdrivers, and mobile terminals. We have created a modular system to allow customers to choose the size and number of dispensing compartments that precisely match their needs.

Rechargeable tool dispenser - tool alfaBOX

Easy expandability ensures that the alfaBOX system grows alongside your requirements. These dispensers represent an ideal solution for industrial enterprises aligning with Industry 4.0 principles.

We have designed our dispensers for easy use. Intuitive control, facilitated by a touchscreen along with an RFID card reader and scanner, provides effortless access to tools. The durable construction ensures safety, with door opening angle limiters, a double-door structure, and other design elements adding an extra layer of protection.

Additional features of our system include tool database management, user administration, and permissions control. Charging options for batteries are available via 230V, USB-A, or USB-C. Your tools are always securely stored, charged, and ready for use. In case of issues, you can also easily trace the last user, contributing to better device care by your employees.

The system can be managed through a web interface but can also be integrated with your company's ERP system, simplifying the entire management process.

Smart tool dispensers alfaBOX set a new standard in industrial tool management and will support you on the path to efficiency, control, and business growth.