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Chemical Storage Cabinets

Based on the request of our Dutch customer, we have manufactured and delivered slightly modified chemical storage cabinets. The cabinets are mainly used in production halls and warehouses of industrial enterprises. In the cabinets, you can safely store chemicals that could cause environmental damage in the event of a leak.



Are you considering the idea of equipping your warehouse?





Sheet metal chemical storage cabinet


Chemical storage cabinets are manufactured from high-quality profiled steel sheet. The cabinet frame is welded. This gives the products high resistance, stability and durability. Surface treatment is done using a durable powder coating.




 Inner space of a chemical storage cabinet with special containment shelves.


Lower containment tray of a large volume chemical storage cabinet.

Height-adjustable shelves with a containment volume of 15 litres are placed inside the cabinet frame. The load capacity of the shelves is 60 kg. The shelves are designed as containment trays with a perforated insert inside. Packages containing chemicals are placed on the insert, and any chemical spills then pass through the perforation into the containment tray on the shelf.   At the bottom of the cabinet frame, there is a containment tray with a perforated insert with a containment volume increased to 30 l. This reduces the risk of environmental damage if the containment volume is exceeded for one of the shelves installed in the upper part of the cabinet frame.


Turn closure with a cylinder lock and a cam for chemical storage cabinets


Perforated double-leaf door fitted on a chemical storage cabinet


Chemical storage cabinets can be locked with a cylinder lock with a rotating handle. This is a two-point locking system.


The cabinet frames are fitted with perforated double-leaf doors for effective natural ventilation of the inner storage space.


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