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Mechanical Code Locks for parcel boxes

KWFK mechanical code locks are easy to use in garment lockers, parcel lockers and lockers with lockable boxes. Their price is significantly lower compared to electronic code locks, and thanks to the mechanical principle, there is no need to worry about battery replacement.​

11.12.2019 10:00 Locking systems

mechanical code lock W&F LOCKS


The main motivation for our customers to buy mechanical code locks is a good price-performance ratio. Another significant benefit compared to cylinder locks is the complete elimination of the need to distribute keys among the locker users.

KWFK lock parameters:

  • 10,000 user selectable codes
  • Integrated cylinder lock for emergency opening and resetting
  • ANTI-SPY 2 technology for the protection of personal user codes (the dial is reset after turning the lock, making it difficult to learn the code through observation)
  • Setting options for right and left doors
  • The locking mechanism is made of solid zinc casting
  • The outer plastic cover is made of glass fibre reinforced material, the surface is easy to clean
  • Mounting is performed in standardized mounting holes 16 x 19 mm



KWFK mechanical code locks are available in two variants. A detailed description of both systems is given below.



KWFK 1401 - private

We recommend using the private version of the lock when users of the locker do not change often. The user has an option to set his/her own code, and can use it repeatedly until he/she changes it him/herself. In the case of forgetting or losing the code, the lock can be reset using a master key.


1. Default settings    2. Unlocking    3. Locking
Enter the personal code  

Turn the lock flat out 

(the entered code is reset)

  Turn the lock back



Entering and changing the personal code


1. Enter the personal code

2. Press and hold the button


3. Enter a new code

4. Release the button

  5. Turn the lock, and turn it back



KWFK 1402 - public

The public version of the lock is suitable for use when users of the locker are different after each use. Before using the locker, the user always enters a code, locks the locker and unlocks it by entering the selected code. When unlocking the locker, the code is reset and the locker is ready for the next user. If necessary to open the locker in an emergency and reset the code, a master key can be used.  


Entering the personal code and locking


1. Enter the code in the vertical position 


2. Turn the lock horizontally

(the code is saved and the dial is reset)




Unlocking the lock


1. Enter the personal code


2. Turn the lock to the vertical position

(the code is deleted)



Alternative variants of mechanical code locks


KELH lock



flat mechanical code lock EURO-LOCKS A152



A four-digit plastic code lock with 10,000 combinations, with an emergency unlocking system using a cylinder lock. A dial reset system after unlocking the lock as protection against learning the code through observation. The lock is designed for private use. It is available in two colour options - black and silver.


GEMINI 2700 lock



flat mechanical code lock EURO-LOCKS Gemini 2700



A massive metal four-digit code lock available in two colour options - black and silver. All functions are the same as in the KELH lock.


Our recommendations:


  • KWFK locks are a reliable solution for all door sizes; they can also control multi-point locking mechanisms. Their advantages include the availability of versions for private and public use, the setting option for left and right doors and a standardized mounting hole 16/19. Thanks to this, these locks are also suitable for retrofitting to lockers that were originally fitted with cylinder locks or swivel locking mechanisms for padlocks.
  • KELH locks and Gemini locks are identical in terms of the user functions. They have small mounting dimensions, and are especially suitable for locking doors of smaller dimensions. The locks cannot be used to control multi-point locking mechanisms. They are only available in a private use version. The mounting hole for these locks is special, and it is not possible to subsequently change the locking mechanism for another type.


We will advise you on choosing a suitable lock variant.