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Self-service dispensing boxes for contactless handover of repaired electrical appliances to customers





In October 2023, we had the honour of handing over the first self-service dispensing box to the company JM Servis, s.r.o. This state-of-the-art facility will serve as an innovative contactless system for handing over repaired appliances to their customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.





Electronically lockable boxes for handing over repaired appliances to customers





JM Servis s.r.o. is a renowned provider of service, customer support and sales of electronic equipment. Their primary mission is to provide comprehensive service in the field of consumer electronics and home appliances.

Our AlfaBOX system dispensers are constructed on a proven modular base, featuring easy installation and the ability for easy future expansion. The most significant advantage is the high security guaranteed by the sophisticated design solutions, including durable double-skinned doors and reliable electronic locks. The facility also includes security overview cameras and a face camera.


Do you have an idea in mind for a delivery boxes?





Self-service dispensing box for contactless delivery of repaired electrical appliances





For outdoor installation, our company places great emphasis on weather resistance. The steel construction has corrosion resistance according to ČSN EN ISO 12944 grade C3 - high durability. Of course, there is also a clever solution for the drainage of rainwater and the leakage resistance of the individual compartments.

For user-friendliness, the dispenser has a 10" colour touchscreen and an integrated payment terminal that combines a keypad for PIN entry with a physical card slot and a reader for contactless payments.





Interior and facilities for a self-service dispensing box for contactless handover of repaired electrical appliances.





Customers can operate the device via an intuitive web interface designed to manage all relevant processes easily.

We are confident that our device will contribute to the further development of our customer's business and that he will be delighted with our services.



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