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Lockers for Panasonic employees

One of the first large-scale projects in 2024 was the implementation of locker room equipment for Panasonic Automotive Systems Czech, s. r. o. After thorough preparation, we designed and manufactured specially adapted metal lockers for the needs of their employees.


Within the project, we based our design on the proven design of the A3 ALSIN model series, which, based on the client's specific requirements, we equipped with elements and details that ensure a higher standard both in terms of technical specifications and design. Our aim was to provide a solution that not only meets all functional requirements, but also brings aesthetic value to the employees' working environment.



Panasonic employee locker room equipped with metal lockers with shoe rack.



These modified wardrobes are based on the proven A3 series construction system known for its high welded rigidity, precision multi-profiling of structural elements, and a special system for precisely positioning individual components.

The basic wardrobe module offers dimensions of 1800 x 300 x 500 mm. The upper part of the cabinet is designed with a slope ceiling which prevents unwanted storage of objects on the cabinets and also facilitates cleaning. The natural ventilation system together with the internal storage compartment division has been developed in accordance with the ČSN 73 4108 standard, ensuring optimum functionality and efficient use of space.



We will be happy to advise you on a suitable solution




Open metal wardrobe for Panasonic employees with large storage space and pull-out shoe racks.

Metal wardrobe door with solid reinforcement profile and reinforcement in the lock attachment area.




When designing the structure, we emphasized ergonomics and efficient distribution of storage spaces so that they are easily accessible even for people of smaller stature. This has enabled us to ensure that the most frequently used sections are within comfortable reach of all users. We have maintained the standard height of the cabinet, with the upper part of the cabinet reserved for less frequented personal items and equipment.

Special attention has also been paid to the arrangement of the shoe compartment, which is located in drawers under the seating area, and equipped with ball-bearing drawers for convenient access. This solution brings the significant benefit of effectively separating footwear from other parts of the garment. This improves hygiene standards and space organization.


For the construction of all components, we use a special quality steel sheet characterized by increased strength. The material for the door panels is 0.8 mm thick and is complemented by massive reinforcement elements with a closed profile. This makes the door extremely rigid. The lock installation zone is specifically reinforced. This together with many security measures integrated into the body and the locking system itself ensures a high level of security.

An essential component is also the system for limiting the opening angle of the door, which plays a key role in ensuring the long-term and reliable functionality of the wardrobe equipment.



Detail of wardrobe door construction ALFA 3, s.r.o.

Mechanical code lock with emergency release.


We place great attention on precise craftsmanship. Our priority is to ensure that quality and sophistication are evident in every detail of our products. We strive to ensure that our work reflects the high standards and care we put into every project.


We have used mechanical code locks for KWFK lockers, which offer excellent reliability and are equipped with an emergency master key unlock function. This option is invaluable for quickly resolving any complications associated with a forgotten code or an employee leaving. In addition, integrated security features such as reinforced mounting holes and security hook barriers provide enhanced protection against illegal entry, greatly improving the security standards of our facility.



Pull-out shoe storage system integrated into wardrobe benches.



Under the seating area, which increases the user's comfort when changing, there is a pull-out system for storing shoes. This system features smooth running drawers, separate compartments for personal and work shoes, and effective separation of the shoe compartment from other clothing. For Panasonic, we implemented a unique drawer locking system that is integrated into the interior of the cabinet. This innovative feature provides a high level of security and allows easy operation without the need to unlock the drawers from the outside.




Main entrance to Panasonic Pardubice



We strongly believe that the careful work we have put into our project will benefit not only the management but also all Panasonic employees. We believe that the combination of modern and functional equipment with a pleasant working environment will increase productivity and guarantee the stability of the entire team.



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