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Nauta Charging Cabinets

For a Dutch customer we produced a series of lockable boxes for charging mobile devices. These boxes are designed to meet the highest standards of safety, durability and functionality.



Lockable charging boxes for a Dutch customer




The cabinet is equipped with highly durable double doors that provide increased protection against mechanical damage and unauthorized entry. The doors are also fitted with an opening angle limiter, which minimizes the risk of accidental damage to the doors themselves as well as to surrounding objects or walls. The individual charging boxes are equipped with Schuko 230V sockets (the standard socket type used in Europe). In addition, each box contains two USB-A and one USB-C port, which allows universal charging of various types of mobile devices and accessories.



We will be happy to advise you on a suitable solution.




Charging cabinets contain 230V sockets and USB ports


Charging boxes with BURG code lock



The boxes are designed with natural ventilation that effectively dissipates the heat generated when charging the batteries. This natural ventilation system ensures safe and efficient operation, extending the life of the devices being charged.


For locking, the customer chose the BURG Flexo.code combination lock, which is known for its innovative design. This lock offers the option of individual time control with adjustable locking duration, allowing flexible access management. In addition, it has up to 999,999 code variants for a significant increase in security. The high-quality keypad with tactile feedback ensures easy and reliable operation.



Charging cabinets are secured with an opening angle limiter for added safety


The charging boxes are secured with a hook and loop fastener



Greater security is also provided by the hook barrier, which is stronger and more resistant to break-ins than standard locking mechanisms. This type of locking provides a higher level of protection against unauthorized entry.


Fire protection is also an important consideration. Lockable charging boxes significantly reduce the risk of fire spread that can result from battery failure. The metal construction of the boxes prolongs the resistance time against the spread of fire, giving users valuable time to react and evacuate if necessary. This aspect ensures a higher level of safety not only for the equipment being charged but also for the surrounding environment.




Charging boxes are the ideal solution for charging mobile devices safely and efficiently




Our lockable charging boxes are therefore the ideal solution for anyone looking for safe, reliable and efficient charging of mobile devices in public and private areas. These devices combine cutting-edge technology, robust construction and modern design to contribute to safe and convenient use.



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