Workshop furniture

Nothing should bother you at work. Your workbench, cabinets, trolleys and drawers should serve you as well as your tools. That is why, during the production process, our experts pay attention to quality workmanship, design, ergonomics, durability, plenty of storage space, and connectivity with other systems. We have full control over the design of individual parts. We design everything ourselves and, therefore, we can also modify everything at any time. We regularly innovate our products and design new parts, thanks to which you will find the work easy.

In practice, you can furnish your workshop with modern workshop furniture with built-in power and data distribution systems, devices and monitoring equipment. And what if you set up a brand new project that will require modification of your work environment? Modular design of the ALFA 3 workshop furniture allows its expansion with additional equipment. Our metal furniture will adapt to your workshop. If you have special requirements, thanks to our smart factory we will be able to easily manufacture an entirely new product for you.

Quality metal furniture that can stand up to the demanding conditions of the daily operation of workshops
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