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Locker rooms for fire stations

For many years, we have specialized in the development and manufacturing of wardrobes designed for the storage of work and personal clothing for fire departments, rescue services, and other security organizations.

We will be happy to advise you on a suitable solution



Our significant position in this sector is the result of close and long-term cooperation with our key business partner.

The product range includes a wide selection of standard lockers. Their design has been developed in close cooperation with professional and volunteer firefighters.


Basic product range of lockers for fire stations





Our experience comes from the fact that we manufacture cabinets and accessories for dozens of firefighting projects every month. We can respond to a large number of individual requirements.




H3GF 40 2 C



It helps us a lot that we have volunteer firefighters on the team. This gives us key energy and motivation to work in this segment.

Take advantage of  many years of our experience. We can help you design a solution that respects your local conditions and allows your firefighting team to save valuable seconds in the event of an alarm.




H3KF 70 S


Locker with large volume space.

The width of the cabinet allows the helmet to be stored on a special perforated shelf.




Some of our basic recommendations:

  • Do not just choose equipment from catalogs, consult professionals and contact us. Take into account whether you will store private and professional clothing in the same place. What specific equipment you need to store or whether it would be appropriate to equip the unit with a mobile version of the lockers? We can go through the whole process with you in detail and explain the advantages of each solution and the differences between them.
  • If you have electronic construction drawings available, we will prepare a proposal for the optimal placement of cabinets and other equipment in the locker rooms.
  • We suggest you view existing samples of the lockers. 
  • Consider which method of helmet storage suits you best. With any of our solutions, your helmet will dry naturally.
  • We offer 3 basic systems of helmet storage:
    • Fixed helmet holder that can be placed on the top of the cabinet and on some models with larger widths also inside the storage compartment.
    • Foldable and height-adjustable holder that facilitates helmet removal, also placed on top of the cabinet or in internal compartments with larger width.
    • Special perforated shelf for helmet storage. Its size and location provides natural ventilation, creates space for the back of the helmet and makes it very easy to remove the helmet.
  • Experience has shown us that it is better to equip the lockers  with a drop-in opening, which ensures the possibility of transferring printed information to individual members of the intervention team. Also small personal items like mobile phones can be placed in the compartment without the need to unlock the door. For locking, you can choose from the available systems listed in the locking systems section of the website.
  • Lockers for firefighters shall be equipped with sturdy closet rods and solid hooks. We use a special oval, abrasion-resistant aluminum profile with metal sliding hooks. If required, we can supply solid metal hangers with increased load capacity. We mount sturdy metal belt hooks on the inner side of each compartment. Their position can be easily adjusted individually according to preferences.
  • We supply perforated plates for the bottom of each locker as standard. On request, we can supply a version with galvanized steel grates.




H3KK 40 30 40


2 lockers set version. Open section and lockable boxes for private clothing.


Combination of an open section for the intervention suit with a top perforated shelf for the intervention helmet.


Speed is the key to success in every intervention. Every second counts. Introducing wardrobes for firefighters and paramedics that make it easier and faster to prepare for an emergency.




H3FF 40 2 B


Space-saving version. Lower version with helmet holders.


Set of lockers for 2 persons. Upper helmet holder.



Every second counts when preparing for an intervention. Firefighters must have confidence in each other and in their equipment. Reliability was therefore  a top priority for us when developing the firefighter lockers. We designed them to save as much time as possible by storing the emergency clothing and equipment.






Mobile version, suitable in case cloakroom is very distant.

Mobile system, suitable in case cloakroom is very distant.





In cooperation with our business partner, we managed to win the tender for repeated deliveries of special hanger assemblies for firefighting unit cloakrooms.




H3PF 55 2 P




Version for professional clothes only. Box for personal belongings is very small. No throw-in opening.

Larger version of the locker. Boxes for personal belongings are very small. No throw-in opening.





For the firefighters team from the city Jaroměřice we have made special lockers for emergency clothing. We fully respected the individual requirements of the client and designed a special customer solution.




H3F 30 2 B ML BP


Product for junior firefighters´s teams.



Product for junior firefighter´ s teams with lower height.





For the junior firefighting unit we have produced slightly modified wardrobes for storing emergency clothing, equipment, civilian clothing, and personal belongings.



S1L O 150 V LS



Cloakroom benches. Solid spot welded construction with security holders. Under holders are plastic flip hooks.

Cloakroom benches. Hard spot welded construction with security holders. Under holders are plastic flip hooks.





 We thought about the comfort of  users and the protection of the environment when designing the benches. Feets of the benches were therefore fitted with plastic glides. We fitted the hanger rail with safety hooks for clothes and labels for inserting name tags. Underneath, we placed a backrest and a perforated panel to protect clothing from contact with the wall.




K3H 1 60 1



Open locker sets. Combination of open space for professional clothing and locker for private clothing. Right and left version of the door. Possibility of throw-opening.

Version with open space and lockers. Possibility of throw-opening.





Special locker sets for firefighters. The lockers are used for the storage of personal clothes. The space between the lockers is equipped with a storage system for complete emergency clothing, including helmet holders and shoe grates.


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