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Contactless Delivery Boxes

In cooperation with a company that is building a network of delivery boxes in the Czech Republic, where you can not only collect your purchases, but also pay a fine. Although the exterior design is made according to the customer’s requirements, the box units retain all the quality benefits of the patented AlfaBOX system.



AlfaBOX parcel delivery station


The station is assembled from cabinet units that can have different combinations of door sizes.

You can view all standard variants here.

We have made the design of the terminal unit, outer casing and roof panels to fully meet the customer’s requirements.




Terminal unit of the AlfaBOX system manufactured by ALFA 3, s.r.o.


Parcel delivery box door manufactured by ALFA 3, s.r.o.

The terminal unit is equipped with a large-format touch screen, a payment terminal, a scanner and a smart card reader.  

The box door has a durable double-plated frame with a door opening angle limiter. The dark eaves of the door highlight the clear-cut design lines of the product. 




Installation of an parcel delivery box by an ALFA 3, s.r.o. technician


The installation of the first delivery box was ensured by our technicians. We used this opportunity to provide practical training for the technicians who will independently carry out further installations of parcel delivery stations.



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