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Metal garment lockers with the wooden door decor

Our company is constantly increasing its production capacity, and the increase in the number of staff is related to this. In 2021, we reached the limit of the women’s changing room capacity, so we had to take measures aimed at installing garment lockers that were less demanding on the floor plan of the changing rooms while offering the users the same generous space for storing clothes and shoes as in the original variant.



Are you thinking of furnishing the changing rooms?



Tin garment lockers with doors and seating area in the Davos oak wood decor, with a pull-out shoe drawer.

We chose garment lockers in a 300 mm module, with a sloping upper part. The garment lockers are placed on bench frames with built-in sliding shoe drawers.


View of an open metal garment locker with storage shelves and a clothes hanging rail.

In the upper part of the garment locker bodies, there are two shelves. Under the bottom shelf, there is a clothes hanging rail with three plastic hooks for hanging clothes. The advantage of this arrangement is that even smaller people can reach for clothes and items placed on the bottom shelf without having to climb on the bench seating area. The space above the top shelf serves mainly for storing rarely used items.


View of garment lockers placed on benches with pull-out shoe drawers.


Extended shoe drawer of the garment locker support frame


The garment lockers are placed on support frames with seating and built-in shoe drawers. The clothes and personal belongings storage space is separated from the shoe storage space, which is an ideal solution from a hygienic point of view. 

To facilitate operation, the garment locker and the shoe box are fitted with paired cylinder locks, which can be unlocked with one key.

  The shoe drawers are spacious enough and slide out easily. They are mounted on telescopic ball extensions with a load capacity of 40 Kg. There are ventilation holes at the front of the drawer.


Metal garment locker doors and seating areas in the Oak - Davos wood decor


End panel of a row of garment lockers fitted with a mirror


The door panels and seating boards of the benches are made of laminated chipboard, 18 mm thick, EGGER material, the Oak – Davos decor.

The bodies have a powder-coated surface finish in the shade RAL 7016 - anthracite.


The end wall of the row of garment lockers is fitted with a mirror. The rear wall of the free-standing row of garment lockers is fitted with a large-area chipboard panel, with towel rails installed.




Cover wall of metal garment lockers with towel rails.




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