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Self-service contactless delivery system

Our company has succeeded in the tender for the supply of several hundreds of self-service locker sets with a touch screen terminal and payment terminal. These sets with electronically lockable lockers are used for fast contactless package delivery.



Self-service locker system for fast and contactless package delivery

The package delivery locker system is designed as a set of interconnected locker units. Each unit has package delivery lockers placed one above the other, with the dimensions in accordance with the customer’s specifications. In the case of large scale projects, we can adapt the size and layout of individual lockers to the customer’s requirements.



View of the inside of the ALFA3 package delivery box

The interior of the package delivery lockers is designed without any edges inside, which would make it difficult to handle packages and impair clear visibility of the interior storage space. The interior of the boxes is equipped with LED lighting.

In the case of outdoor applications, we are able to equip the locker system with an efficient automatic system for disinfection the lockers with ozone.


Illuminated lockers of the electronically lockable package delivery locker system

The locker units are fitted with durable double plated doors, which significantly contribute to above-standard resistance of the entire system to vandalism. The massive door frame suspension system is complemented with an opening angle limiter.

Electronic locks are installed so as not to be seen, which significantly limits the possibility of intentional and unintentional handling of mechanical parts of the locks by the users. At the same time, they simplify the performance of service tasks to the maximum extent possible.


Roof frame of the package delivery locker set with LED lighting

The locker units are fitted with roof panels with a front overlap, which serves to protect the users from bad weather. The lower part of the roof panels is fitted with LED lighting, which effectively illuminates the space in front of the lockers.

In the roof panel above the terminal locker unit, there is a surveillance camera.


Terminal locker with a touch screen terminal, payment terminal and scanner installed in the package delivery locker unit

Electronic equipment can be found in the terminal locker unit. Its door has a massive reinforced frame. A touch screen, a recessed payment terminal, payment card readers and a shipment code scanner, which is used to store packages in the system, are installed in the terminal door casing.

Above the monitor, there is a front camera recording the area in front of the locker.



Massive legs for height rectification and anchor base with a package delivery locker coverEach locker unit is fitted with height-adjustable legs. The adjusting screws can be accessed from the inside of the bottom locker. Anchoring elements with a cover, used for anchoring the locker units to the base plate, are mounted on the outside.


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