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Special Garment Lockers for Kaufland

We have manufactured and installed special garment lockers for 780 employees of Kaufland logistics centre in Olomouc. We have successfully gone through their stringent supplier selection process.


Are you thinking of furnishing your changing rooms?



Speciální skříně pro šatny logistického centra Kaufland Olomouc

We delivered a functional prototype, whose technical parameters and functionality fully complied with the client’s requirements. We were shortlisted and, in the final round, selected as the supplier for this project.

The garment lockers have floor plan dimensions of 500 x 500 mm, with two lockers installed in each compartment.


Kovové šatní skříně pro Kaufland s otevřenými zesílenými dveřmi žluté, červené a zelené

The total height is 2,086 mm at the front and 2,186 mm at the rear. A material with increased strength, 0.8 mm thick, was chosen for the frame. The doors are mounted on metal inner steel pins whose design is protected by a utility model.

In the door casing, there are ventilation openings whose cross-section meets the requirements of DIN 4547 with a considerable margin.


Detailní pohled na vnitřní uspořádání plechové šatní skříně pro Kaufland


Zesílené dveře plechových šatních skříněk s tlumícími dorazy

Inside each compartment, there is a vertical divider, which separates the space for civilian and work clothes. At the top, there are clothes hanging rails with solid plastic clothes hooks. There is a shoe compartment at the bottom. The shoe compartments are equipped with plastic trays, catching dirt from shoes and facilitating the locker cleaning process.   The door frame is reinforced with a massive closed profile on the side of the lock. All the edges of the door are specially profiled to achieve considerable rigidity and safety. The mounting hole of the lock is reinforced with cup-shaped reinforcement, which prevents the lock from being turned or bent forcibly. The lock bolt is hook shaped and, when locked, firmly connects the door to the side wall of the frame.


Detail sešikmené horní části kovové šatní skříně


Cylindrický zámek BURG pro plechové šatní skříně


There are sloping extensions with an elevation of 100 mm mounted onto the upper part of the body. The sloping top prevents users from placing items on it, which is undesirable, and facilitates the cleaning process.


To lock the garment lockers, the customer opted for a cylinder lock with 4,000 combinations, which is prepared for emergency opening with a central key.

Here you will find detailed information about the locking system.




Logistické centrum Kaufland Olomouc


We are pleased to be given the opportunity to furnish the changing rooms of Kaufland Olomouc logistics centre. We believe that our products will serve their users for a long time and contribute to the high perceived quality of the working environment.


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