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Practical Firefighter Lockers of the H3GF Model Line

Through our German business partner, we supply a wide range of firefighter lockers. Together, we have achieved a significant market share in this product segment on the German market.


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Standard firefighter lockers fir storing firefighter suits and helmets, the H3GF model line


The lockers of the H3KF line are designed as stable welds. Their storage space is designed to allow storage of standard firefighter suits, helmets and boots.

There is a fire helmet holder mounted on the lid. Depending on the customer’s preferences, it can be delivered in a fixed or tipping design.


Personal belongings storage box built into the firefighting suit lockers

In the upper part of the locker, there are built-in lockable personal belongings compartments. As standard, the door is equipped with a throw-in mail slot.


View of the firefighter suit, boots and helmet stored in the ALFA 3 firefighter locker

A helmet shelf is welded at the top of the locker frame. The shelf is perforated over its entire surface, and thanks to this, air is easily accessible to the inside of the helmet for easier drying.

Under the shelf, there is a massive clothes hanging rail made of an oval grooved aluminium profile with metal hooks. There are belt hooks and plastic flashlight hooks on the sides of each compartment.


Perforated bottom of the firefighter locker with stored firefighter boots

The boots storage area in the firefighter lockers is made of perforated sheet metal. If you are interested, we can make this part from galvanized sheet metal to increase corrosion resistance.

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