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Contactless Delivery Station – GLS Parcel Box

In cooperation with GLS’s Czech branch, we have designed, manufactured and delivered more than 80 GLS Parcel Box delivery stations. The result of joint development is a complex system that enables contactless parcel delivery and sending. 

It communicates bilaterally with the operator’s information system through an application programming interface (API), and contains a wide range of standard and special functionalities developed according to the customer’s requirements. 


Are you considering the idea of placing a parcel box?





GLS Parcel Box ALFA 3 contactless parcel delivery box


It goes without saying that there is a high level of security both in terms of the mechanical structure of the box itself and also in terms of communication security and operating parameters monitoring.

The station is made up of individual columns (modules) that can be combined and connected into rows of any length, with different numbers of boxes with sizes ranging from XS to XL. We are able to design the colour scheme, the lighting system, the shape of the side covers and roof panels according to the customer’s requirements.

In the event of a power outage, the station is equipped with a backup source and uses a mobile network connection for communication. On request, the parcel station can be equipped with its own power consumption meter.




ALFA 3, terminal unit of the parcel locker system with a touch screen and payment terminal.


ALFA 3, electronics control unit of the parcel locker system.

The terminal unit is normally equipped with a durable touch screen, a payment terminal and, on request, a face recognition camera, a surveillance camera and a barcode reader. The payment terminal area is illuminated at night with a built-in LED light.  

The electronics control unit ensures reliable operation of the parcel station and communication via Ethernet connection or mobile network. The device is based on a microcomputer with Linux OS. The software works in an online mode with connection to a virtual server that serves as a database updated from the customer’s information system through an API interface. The connection is protected by a firewall, encrypted and secured with a VPN.



ALFA 3, assembly line for cabinet units of parcel delivery boxes


ALFA 3, parcel locker electronics control units during the test


Our cabinet and terminal units are manufactured from high-quality materials on our highly precise and efficient robotic production lines. The cabinet unit design is patented and, in comparison with competitive products, has a number of advantages in terms of safety, ease of installation and the possibility of further expansion.


The products are carefully checked before shipping, the mechanical functionality is verified and the electronic systems are tested.

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