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Off-grid delivery boxes for Direct Parcel Distribution CZ s.r.o.

Every day, we see changes in how parcels are delivered, and one solution is gaining more and more popularity - Off-Grid parcel delivery stations. These innovative dispensing boxes offer several advantages that bring about a significant change in logistics and delivery.



Off-grid Pickup Box for parcel delivery for DPD





1. Powered by a battery charged by a solar panel

Forget unnecessary worries about batteries and cables. Off-grid stations use a battery that is powered by a solar panel. This means that they are energy-independent and environmentally friendly.



Do you have an idea in mind for a delivery station?





Solar Panel to Power Parcel Pickup Box Delivery Stations





2. Energy efficient electronics

Thanks to top electronics, the energy requirements of operation are reduced. This means you can use the station without restrictions, without changing batteries or other lengthy processes.


3. Connection with the company system

Off-grid parcel lockers communicate via mobile networks with cloud storage and are connected to the corporate system of the logistics company using an API interface. This guarantees reliable and fast control of the delivery process.






Control electronics of Off.grid system AlfaBOX





4. Flexible control for customers

Our boxes go against the trend of the competition. Customers can not only use the smartphone app with Bluetooth function but also have the option to use the traditional hardware keyboard for easy and fast operation


5. Convenient interaction with the display

The information display on the box facilitates interaction. Customers, couriers and service workers get helpful information about the device's status, and thanks to this, operation becomes more intuitive.





Pickup of the package from the AlfaBOX Pickup Box





6. Faster storage of parcels

A barcode reader is available for couriers, which speeds up stocking shipments.





Control panel with barcode reader for AlfaBOX delivery station




7. Easy installation and height adjustment

Thanks to the construction of the base, the boxes can be easily installed without the need for anchoring, but at the same time, the possibility of anchoring and height adjustment is still preserved.

The construction is designed to last and be functional even in demanding conditions.





AlfaBOX Island Delivery Box Anchoring and Leveling System





8. Expandability as needed

Our modular structure enables the creation of output stations with up to 144 boxes. Compared to competing two-column variants with a limited number of boxes, this is a huge advantage for companies with fast-growing shipment volumes.


9. Saving investment and installation costs

Thanks to Off-Grid solutions, it is possible to significantly save on investment and installation costs compared to standard terminal solutions.





AlfaBOX demo boxes





Off-grid parcel Delivery Stations are an ideal solution for expanding the delivery network in high-demand urban areas as well as in rural locations. These boxes offer an innovative and sustainable way to deliver parcels and are also suitable for testing the demand for delivery services in specific areas.


Thank you, Direct Parcel Distribution CZ s.r.o., for your trust!

Our company is proud to be part of a modern, efficient, environmentally friendly approach to last-mile delivery. We believe that our Off-Grid drop-off parcel stations will fully satisfy last-mile delivery needs.





Production of Off-grid Pickup Boxes for DPD.





Take advantage of modern logistics with Off-Grid parcel delivery stations and join other satisfied customers.





Assembly line for parcel lockers AlfaBOX



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