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Electrically height-adjustable mounting tables

In September 2023, we handed the customer over 20 electric height-adjustable mounting tables equipped with top-quality electrically adjustable Linak columns and electronics.



Electrically height adjustable table for ALNAK series assembly Operations







Technical specifications:

Work surface capacity      200 Kg
Height adjustment speed   38 mm/sec
Work surface height adjustment range     660 – 1037 mm



  • Stable, rigid table structure with cable duct under the worktop
  • Worktop made of 25 mm thick laminated chipboard with ABS edge
  • Power channel equipped with 2x 230V socket, corresponding safety device, and switch allowing to regulate the intensity of the work surface lighting
  • System superstructure with the perforated plate for tool holders and other EUROPERFO accessories
  • Lighting ramp with industrial LED luminaire
  • Monitor holder, VESA standard, articulated design with vast adjustment possibilities





buttons for adjusting the height of the work surface





Electrically height-adjustable desks have increasingly penetrated the office in recent years and will become a required standard. Companies are using them to increase the comfort of their employees and reduce the health risks associated with sedentary work.





Energy channel and perforated accessory plate - ALNAK height adjustable work table





However, the benefits of workstations with individual work surface height adjustment bring the same ergonomic and health benefits to assembly line and shop floor workers. Our tables make it easy to adjust the work surface to a position that suits the worker's body proportions and the type of operation being performed.  




Monitor holder - height adjustable work table ALNAK





Our electrically height-adjustable assembly tables provide a healthier and more productive work environment. Invest in the health and satisfaction of your employees and join the companies that have already appreciated the benefits of our tables.


Let us create the ideal solution for your work environment.






Assembly of ALNAK tables at the customer's site




Electrically height-adjustable mounting tables for Continental Barum