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Luggage storage - alfaBOX

Our company specializes in the production of self-service luggage storage facilities. We offer a wide range of luggage storage stations, available in both outdoor and indoor designs. The size and number of storage boxes can be customized according to your requirements. Additionally, we provide the option to personalize the external design and colour scheme, ensuring that the storage facilities blend perfectly with their surroundings.

Self-service storage boxes

Our luggage storage units are equipped with touchscreens and payment terminals, allowing for intuitive and user-friendly operation. The self-service system minimizes the need for staff, resulting in less time spent on administrative tasks.

These modern and advanced storage boxes are trendy in tourist areas with high footfall. After checking out of the hotel, visitors can securely store their luggage and explore the beauty of the city or other attractions without worrying about the safety of their belongings.

Our product range also includes storage boxes suitable for integration into mobile containers. These containers are easily movable and ideal for festivals, sports events, and other gatherings. With alfaBOX storage boxes, you not only provide your visitors with the safety of their personal belongings but also offer a high level of comfort and the convenience of charging their mobile devices.

Enhancing user comfort and security is crucial to creating positive visitor experiences. Our modern storage boxes with secure and monitored compartments and the option of charging mobile devices will meet their expectations and contribute to their overall satisfaction.

Let us design and manufacture luggage storage solutions that precisely meet your needs. With our expertise and experience in the industry, we will assist you in creating the perfect solution for your tourist area or event. Contact us today and ensure a safe and convenient storage solution for your visitors.