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Cylinder Locks

Cylinder locks clearly belong to the most popular locking systems. Their main advantage consists in the low price, reliability, simplicity of operation, and easy applicability of the lock to a wide range of products. Thanks to this, cylinder locks can be used in garment lockers, lockable boxes, filing cabinets, workshop cabinets and many other products.

19.12.2019 09:00 Locking systems

ALFA 3 - cylindrický zámek BURG s bezpečnostní hákovou závorou, dva klíče, centrální klíč.

Standard cylinder locks

For our products, we use quality cylinder locks by the German lock manufacturer BURG. The locks have 4,000 combinations. Thanks to this, the risk of recurrence of the locks with the same combination is minimized even in the largest projects. The locks are standardly supplied with two keys. However, if you need to equip the locks with a larger number of keys, specify this in your demand and we will be happy to provide them for you.

Paired locks

If each user has not only a garment locker, but also a shoe drawer in the support frame or a lockable box in the workplace, and both are locked with a cylinder lock, we recommend using paired locks. Both locks then have the same combination and can be unlocked with a single key, which significantly contributes to increasing operator comfort.

Central key and the lost key solution

All cylinder locks supplied by our company are equipped with a central key system. It can be purchased for each project as a separate item. 

ALFA 3 - centrální klíč cylindrického zámku BURG.

Then any problem caused by losing or forgetting the key can be easily solved using the central key.

  • The actual disassembly and assembly of the locks is a simple operation that will take you no more than a minute at the maximum using commonly available tools. For large scale projects, we recommend purchasing several locks to have them in stock. Although we have enough locks in stock at all times, it is better to be able to react immediately and not lose time ordering them.
  • Another way to solve the lost key problem is to use a backup key in an emergency and re-order a new key according to the profile number. This number is stamped on both the lock rotor and the keys.
  • The last way is to buy key blanks and have duplicates made in a locksmith shop.
Higher level of security

ALFA 3 – Cylindrický zámek C1 HO, dva klíče na kroužku, centrální klíč s černou krytkou. Klíče pohromadě.


The cylinder locks, which we mount in the garment lockers or lockable boxes, are supplied with a double-sided locking hook bolt. This structural element, together with other reinforcements in the door and the body, increases resistance to tearing out or levering the door open by more than twice compared to conventional competitor solutions. Another advantage is the possibility of using the lock for the right and left door.


We like:

  • Easy operation 
  • Design uniformity
  • Easy lost key solution 
  • The price of common padlocks is comparable to the price of our cylinder locks.


Don’t be afraid to order cylinder locks
Our experts clearly recommend using cylinder locks and prefer them to padlock systems. 


We sometimes encounter concerns of our customers that the use of cylinder locks will cause complications if the user loses or forgets the key.
That is why they prefer padlock locking systems. They plan to solve problems using lever shears or a grinder. Although the padlock is damaged, they usually buy a new one, which does not present a problem in terms of the cost. But they forget about the cost of the worker who cuts the padlock and also the risk of damaging the door or other parts of the products.

When using padlocks, users are also likely to damage the paintwork on the cabinet door by the repeated rough handling of the padlocks.

ALFA 3 - cylindrický zámek BURG s bezpečnostní hákovou závorou, dva klíče, centrální klíč. Rozbor sestavy.