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Production and business

We have been in the industrial furniture business since 1991 and have successfully equipped
workplaces in a wide range of industrial sectors, including food companies, pharmaceutical
manufacturers, heavy industry and automotive companies.




A fundamental part of our portfolio is the equipment of working spaces and facilities for new production companies. Whilst many of these companies focus on purchasing purely from the perspective of minimizing the purchase price of equipment, it is essential to recognise that the right choice of supplier can have a huge impact on the overall efficiency and aesthetics of a workspace. Investing in quality equipment that respects ergonomics and modern technology can bring about a significant improvement in the working environment and therefore employee performance.

Our job is to recommend the most suitable solutions to our clients from our extensive product range, while being able to take into account the specific needs of each application. If standard solutions do not suit, our team of experienced specialists are ready to guide the client through the process of designing a special solution.

We will be happy to advise you on the selection of a suitable solution.




Products for Changing Room

We offer a wide range of products for wardrobe equipment, from wardrobes of various sizes and shapes, through various degrees of durability and security of construction, to a wide range of locking systems, including modern electronically controlled locks. Our website provides access to our complete range, where you can easily locate the products you require. 

Modern trends in manufacturing and business are increasingly focusing on the use of smart technologies that bring innovative solutions to optimize processes in the field of human resource management. Find out more about our smart locker solutions, where all access management is handled from the production manager's or HR manager's computer, here.


Wardrobes Alfa3 with code locks

Wardrobes Alfa3 180 cm high



Premium wardrobe with 15 lockers

Premium storage boxes with loaded doors




Workshops and their equipment 

Workbenches, sheet metal tools and material cabinets are not just passive components of the production process. Properly designed and well-made equipment can increase work efficiency, facilitate the organization of materials and tools and improve the overall working atmosphere. That's why it's important to choose suppliers with a focus on quality, reliability and the ability to adapt to your company's individual needs and requirements.

Efficient organization, storage of materials and tools are key to the smooth running of production processes. Sheet metal cabinets and other storage systems are designed to maximize available space and minimize time wasted searching for needed equipment.

ALFA3 workshop furniture is divided into two basic product lines PROFI and UNI. The PROFI series is the version for more demanding applications with a wider range of accessories, the UNI variant is more cost-effective. It is suitable for medium load levels. Both series offer a wide range of workbenches, material storage cabinets and tool storage cabinets including accessories and attachments.



We will be happy to advise you on a suitable solution



Durable workbenches ALPEDE

Workbenches you don't have to worry about leaning on



Workshop furniture in various colours

Workshop drawer units and system cabinets




Industry solutions

The field solutions are tailored to the specific requirements of different workplaces, including demanding production environments, assembly lines, ergonomic workplaces and ESD workplaces for microelectronics.

Our anti-static workstations provide a secure and grounded environment, which is essential for the safe handling of sensitive electronic components. These workstations meet the highest standards for protection and reliability. Grounding and antistatic surfaces on workbenches and tools ensure safe handling of electronic components and minimize the risk of damage.


EPA antistatic workstation for ESD work

ESD antistatic Workstation



Systems for electronically controlled material dispensing

Smart tool dispenser tool alfaBOX




For efficient material management, we offer systems for electronically controlled dispensing with touch-screen terminals and electronically lockable boxes that can be connected to company information systems, including solutions for dispensing hand tools with battery charging.





Alfa3 products are designed with durability and safety in mind.

We use only the highest quality materials. They are made of steel sheet with increased strength, which ensures their longevity and resistance to wear and mechanical damage. For more information on the advantages of our products, you can view the catalog. 



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