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Contactless Package Delivery Boxes

For a Czech company that provides comprehensive logistics services for online stores, we have designed and manufactured a modular set of electronically lockable box units designed for self-service package shipping and delivery.



Self-service locker unit with electronic locks for package shipping and delivery


The package delivery box system is designed for outdoor applications, so their frame withstands common weather conditions without any problems. We have applied procedures and technical solutions that guarantee high resistance to rough handling by users and vandals.




Locker unit of the self-service package delivery system with an island contactless solution

The system is operated as an island shaped layout solution powered by solar panels. Electric power is stored in batteries, thus ensuring continuous operation of the delivery point. The user does not need to enter any information into the terminal to ship or pick up a package. To operate the system, it is enough to use the smartphone application of the logistics service provider. It connects to the delivery box and you can easily handle everything on your own device.

There are also delivery boxes for mains-powered interior applications available.

On request, we can manufacture and supply box units equipped with a status display, keypad for customers who do not own a smartphone or NFC communication.


Package delivery locker system with open space for electronics

The battery and electronic compartment can be found in the protected space under the lids of the locker unit. We have designed a solution that facilitates service intervention and, at the same time, effectively prevents unauthorized handling by users or vandals.





View of the inside of the ALFA3 package delivery box


The interior of the package boxes is designed to be easily accessible, clearly visible, without any edges and folds hindering comfortable removal of packages.

Electronic locks are mounted to prevent unauthorized handling of their mechanical parts.






Self-service contactless package delivery box anchored to a sloping base


The package delivery box system is designed so as to make it easier for service staff of logistics companies to install them. The solid frame, which is anchored to the base plate, has a large adjustment range. Thanks to this, package delivery boxes can be also mounted on a base with an inclination of up to 50 mm.

Individual columns of box units can be connected into rows of any length.



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