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Garment Lockers for Firefighters

Every second counts in preparation for a firefighting operation. Firefighters must have confidence in each other and in their equipment. Therefore, as always, reliability came first when designing garment lockers for firefighters. We have designed them so that they could save as much time as possible thanks to the comfortable and clear storage of emergency clothing and equipment. We have omitted no detail.  

Look at what we have already been able to create for our clients.


H3FF 40 2 A

H3FF 40 1 A

H3FF 40 3 A

H3FF 40 1 B

H3FF 40 2 B

H3FF 40 3 B

H3GF 40 1 B

H3GF 40 2 B

H3GF 40 3 B


We have strengthened the load-bearing capacity of the clothes hanging rail and fitted it with metal hooks with a load-bearing capacity of 10 kg.

We have even thought about the storage of belts and perforations in the bottom of the cabinets.

In our model line you can find basic variants of garment lockers and their accessories.

If you have to deal with atypically designed spaces, if you have special requirements or an idea that would make the daily use of our metal furniture even easier, write to us. Our team of experts will take care of the design of new parts, or innovations of the existing ones. We will take over supervision of their production in our own factory, as well as the final installation.


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