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Delivery station for the largest Czech online shop

In April, we completed a project for the most significant Czech online store. We produced 1,600 parcel delivery stations with more than 160,000 dispensing boxes.




Our company faced many big challenges during the project. We had to carefully meet our customer's specific requirements and ensure flawless production organisation and logistics. Thanks to these efforts, we delivered high-quality products on time and met our partner's expectations.





Parcel locker alfaBOX with dispensing boxes for large boxes and televisions





One of our key advantages is the use of modern robotic production technology. This makes our parcel delivery systems second to none and meets the highest quality standards. 

We are here if you are looking for a reliable partner in parcel logistics for the last and first mile. Our innovative solutions and professional approach will help you overcome delivery challenges. Please reach out to us today and gain an edge over your competitors with our alfaBOX delivery system. Together we can take your business to the next level.


Do you have an idea in mind for a delivery station?





Operation of the terminal unit of the parcel box





Our parcel delivery stations are designed with modularity, allowing individual dispensing units to be combined according to customer requirements. We always adapt the size and number of doors to the specific task.

In this project, we worked with hardware provided by the customer. In addition, we added our electronic security elements to the assemblies.





Assembly workplace for parcel delivery stations





We manufacture components for parcel delivery systems from galvanised and painted sheet metal on our modern robotic production lines. This approach allows us to achieve high-precision production and maintain the stability of our processes.

Our team of experienced assembly line workers add a high level of productivity and efficiency thanks to their experience and skills. 

Our manufacturing process also includes a test facility that thoroughly verifies products' mechanical and electronic functionality before they are shipped to the customer. This ensures that every product meets our high quality standards.


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