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The Most Popular Version of Firefighter Lockers

We have been repeatedly manufacturing and supplying two-piece lockers to several German fire brigades. Their interior is asymmetrically divided into a firefighter suit, gear, helmet compartment and personal belongings compartment. The lockers can be manufactured with a plinth or with solid legs with the possibility of height rectification.


Are you thinking of furnishing your facility?



Most popular firefighter locker with storage space for firefighter suits and civilian clothing



Perforated storage shelf for a firefighter helmet


Massive flat oval clothes hanging rail with a firefighter suit on solid metal hangers

In the left compartment, there is a storage shelf with perforation and offset for the correct placement of the firefighter helmet nape pad.   Under the shelf, there is a reliable, non-removable flat-oval grooved clothes hanging rail. Above the shelf, there are sliding metal hooks with increased load capacity. If you are interested, you can also order stable metal hangers for firefighter suits from us.


Firefighter locker, a view of the firefighter suit compartment and personal belongings storage compartment
   Space for storing firefighter boots


The civilian clothing and personal belongings compartment is equipped with a storage shelf, clothes hanging rail, sliding metal hooks and side plastic hooks.  

The bottom of the firefighter locker is perforated. If you are interested, it is possible to order removable grates made of galvanized sheet metal.


Reinforced door of the firefighter locker   Massive profiled legs of the firefighter lockers with the possibility of height rectification


The door of the right compartment is fitted with a reinforcing profile placed over its entire height. The lock mounting area is extra reinforced and the lock bolt is designed to increase resistance to prying the door open.

More detailed information about the locking systems available.


  The firefighter lockers can be placed on legs made of solid steel profiles, and are equipped with plastic slides with the possibility of height rectification.

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