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Special Firefighter Lockers - Zossen Project

For the fire brigade of the town of Zossen, we have manufactured slightly modified lockers to store firefighter suits, gear, civilian clothing and personal belongings.


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Special combined firefighter lockers, with a helmet and a firefighter suit compartment on the left and a large-volume lockable space with a perforated door on the right



Firefighter locker door perforation


Firefighter lockers, enlarged throw-in mail slot

In the lower part of the door in the civilian clothing storage module, there is an additional perforation to ensure more intensive ventilation of the boots compartment.   In the upper part of the door there is a mail throw-in slot whose height is doubled compared to the standard.


Door reinforcement, reinforced area of the lock mounting and a hook safety bolt
   Mechanical code lock with the possibility of emergency opening with a cylinder lock


The door is fitted with a massive closed reinforcement profile. A reinforcing element is attached to the place where the lock is mounted. The lock is fitted with a special hook bolt, which increases resistance to prying the door open.  

A reliable mechanical code lock is used to lock the door. Its advantage is the possibility of emergency unlocking with a built-in cylinder lock.

Mechanical code lock with the possibility of emergency opening


Firefighter suit, gear and helmet storage compartment – ALFA 3 firefighter lockers


The firefighter suit compartment is equipped entirely in accordance with our standards. There is a helmet shelf with perforation and anteroposterior offset welded to the upper part. A solid oval aluminium clothes hanging rail with grooves is placed in the reinforced profiles. There are non-removable sliding metal hooks on it. There are solid belt hooks and plastic hooks for small-sized gear available on the sides.    

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