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Lockers for the Ovčárenská Primary School, Kolín

This year we are delivering the second set of metal wardrobes designed specifically for schools to the Ovčárenská Primary School, Kolín V. These wardrobes are gradually replacing the old unsatisfactory system of cage wardrobes.


Divided wardrobes for schools




We are very pleased when our customers come back to us, so we took the liberty to address the headmaster Mgr. Lukáš Kačer and ask him a few questions about our lockers for schools:




Last year you bought the first lockers for the pupils and again this year. How did you find our company?



"We came across your company when the representative did some online market research. After initial contact and enquiry, we were offered a visit to the company and allowed to see what your lockers looked like in another school. We were happy to take advantage of this, after all we are not far from your company."


What did you like about working with our company?


"We organized a classic tender, in which you won also because you offer a comprehensive solution including consulting. Not all the companies we approached were able to offer this."


The lockers delivery included installation, were you happy with it?


"Yes. Last year we bought 22 horizontally divided lockers. The installation was trouble-free. This year's order is already in production and we have tentatively agreed on the end of June. We are looking forward to getting rid of the remaining old wardrobes."


Thank you for the interview.




We will be happy to advise you on a suitable solution




Metal school lockers: possibility of a wide range of colors




Further details of this delivery can be found here:

According to our recommendation, the customer ordered a reinforced version of the lockers made of 0.8 mm sheet metal with double doors, which can better withstand even the most destructive type of pupils. These lockers are from the ALDOP product range. The frame construction of the front of the cabinet is newly profiled. This provides greater resistance to the door being forced into the cabinet while providing rigid support for the safety latch.
The construction of the doors and their reinforcing and damping stop elements are also new.

The basic wardrobe module offers dimensions of 2000 x 900 x 500 mm. The upper part of the cabinet is designed with a slope. This prevents unwanted storage of items on the wardrobes and makes cleaning easier.

The body is equipped with an efficient ventilation system that meets the requirements of DIN 4547 by a considerable margin. The ventilation openings have a safe cross-section and are located in the front edge of the upper partition, the bottom of the cabinet, the rear wall of the cabinet and in the surface of all shelves.




Split wardrobes with sloping ceiling


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