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Issue and return of books - book alfaBOX

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about rapid development of systems enabling contactless delivery and transfer of shipments. People quickly embraced these services as their own, and even after the pandemic's conclusion, they continue to reap the benefits of these technologies. A concrete example of this trend is the implementation of contactless delivery systems in public and university libraries. These institutions have provided their visitors access to their services independently of the organization's opening hours.

Issue and return of books - book alfaBOX

Communication with the alfaBOX dispensing systems takes place through user-friendly touch terminals, enhancing convenience and reducing physical contact.

These systems offer functionality for borrowing and returning books. Additionally, visitors can conveniently handle membership fee payments through integrated payment terminals if needed.

Introducing this technology has not only mitigated disruptions in service availability caused by the pandemic but has also paved the way for a more efficient and flexible interaction between users and service providers.

Furthermore, these contactless systems have demonstrated outstanding adaptability, serving as a model for other industries striving to streamline their operations.