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Changing Room Equipment for Smurfit Kappa Czech s.r.o.

In February 2020, we completed a project of equipping the changing rooms of the company Smurfit Kappa Žimrovice. Due to non-standard requirements for the changing room equipment and the delivery of special locker cabinets, we have decided to describe the whole process of the implementation of this project in detail. In this way, we will show you an example of the successful implementation of this project and the correct attitude of the customer.

ALFA 3 - speciální šatní skříňka s lavičkou, botníkem, šikmou horní částí a otevřenou přihrádkou na ručník


A big advantage was that the customer had a clear idea of the parameters and functional solution of the required products, did not underestimate the supplier selection process, and set aside enough time to implement the entire project. The resulting solution was successful, the delivery date was met, and the solution complied with the customer’s specifications.


Project implementation procedure


Final evaluation of the implementation


1. Demand

In September 2019, we received a demand for special garment lockers from Smurfit. After reviewing the tender documentation, we identified a potentially problematic requirement. The assignment included 700 mm wide support frames with seating with a lockable compartment and a single-wing door. This solution seemed problematic to us. The open wing door would create a barrier in the aisle between the lockers. Furthermore, it would be difficult to manufacture 700 mm wide doors with sufficient torsional rigidity. We were able to meet the other requirements for increased durability of the structure and special layout with a large lockable storage space and an open compartment for storing wet towels.

The customer also stipulated the delivery of a sample of the offered solution with a delivery date of approximately 4 weeks as a condition for participation in the tender.

2. Consultations

Jiří Zelený, head of TPV, was in charge of the entire project regarding both the technical and business issues. He discussed the technical details of our proposed solution with the customer over the phone, acquainted the customer with alternative ways of designing the shoe storage systems, and possible ways of placing the towel dryers. He discussed in detail the requirements for the rigidity of the structure and the locking system with the customer..

3. Offer

After clarifying all the details and requirements, Mr. Zelený prepared a price estimate and submitted it to the customer. The total value of the offered solution amounted to almost CZK 1 million without VAT, including transport and assembly supervision costs..

Due to the fact that there was not too much time left before the deadline for submitting the sample, the designers immediately started to prepare the design solution. At that time, our technical documentation preparation plan was completely full, so we had no choice but to work overtime and at weekends. We managed to carry out the design work on time, and sent the final drawing of the offered solution and work rendering to the customer for approval.


ALFA 3 - výkres šatní skříňky a lavičky s úložným prostorem, projekt Smurfit Kappa ALFA 3 – pracovní render speciální šatní skříně, projekt Smurfit Kappa


4. Creation of production documentation, customer approval

As soon as we obtained the customer’s consent to the proposed solution, we handed over the production documentation to the production plant, prepared CNC programs and electronic documentation in the ERP system.

After completing the sample, Mr. Jiří Zelený personally delivered the sample to the customer and presented our solution. The customer chose from the samples of three potential suppliers, and the selection committee evaluated our sample as the best technically processed and meeting their requirements.

5. Production

Afterwards, an approval process took place at the customer’s, and last December we received an order. The design of the provided sample fully suited the customer, so no further technical adjustments were required. The actual production went smoothly and at the beginning of February we completed the production.

The subsequent production process went without the slightest problem. 

6. Installation and handover

In addition to our own products, the customer also ordered transport and support from our technician in the form of assembly supervision. In this case, the customer did not require delivery including installation, but wanted to use their own staff capacities.

For operational reasons on the part of the customer, the start of the assembly was planned for the weekend. We adjusted the delivery date of the lockers accordingly. Mr. Jiří Zelený arrived as well. As a project manager, he trained the customer’s assembly team and supervised the correct assembly procedure. The actual implementation then proceeded without major problems, it was only necessary to deal with unevenness of the floor. The lower frame of the shoe lockers was equipped with a height rectification mechanism, so we overcame this difficulty without any problem.

ALFA 3 – instalace šatních skříněk a předlaviček, projekt Smurfit Kappa

ALFA 3 – vyrovnání předlaviček, projekt Smurfit Kappa   ALFA 3 – výšková rektifikace předlaviček, projekt Smurfit Kappa

ALFA 3 – vjezd do areálu Smurfit Kappa

The customer was satisfied with our work, as evidenced by their statement.



Smurfit Kappa technical specifications of the special products

  • A3M Aldur 1construction system, safety class C according to DIN 4547
  • Material thickness 0.8 mm, steel sheet with increased strength KOSIL200
  • Garment locker with a slanted top
  • Large-volume lockable garment locker vertically divided into compartments for civilian and work clothes, with storage shelves with a surface load capacity of 30 Kg in each compartment, aluminium oval anodized clothes hanging rail with a load capacity of 20 Kg with anti-scratch treatment, three metal hooks with a load capacity of 10 Kg. 
  • Double wing doors locked with one cylinder lock, double plated door structure resistant to twisting and bending, reinforced area of the mounting hole of the lock
  • Open space for drying towels with a suspension system.
  • Support frame with seating with a height rectification mechanism, seating surface made of laminated chipboard with an ABS edge, shoe cabinet with double wing doors with perforation for sufficient ventilation and reinforcement
  • The cylinder locks of the lockers and support frames are in a paired design, meaning that the user uses the same key to unlock both locks. 
Have you hit on an idea of modernizing your changing room equipment?
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