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Workshop Furniture of the PROFI Model Line



Set of professional workshop workbenches with a solid beech worktop, drawer containers, a power distribution channel and extension with lighting fixtures




For Faurecia Interiors s.r.o., we have manufactured, supplied and installed professional workshop workbenches, tools and material storage cabinets with hinged doors and, last but not least, garment lockers for 200 employees.


Are you thinking of furnishing your workshop?




View of a workshop workbench worktop fitted with massive beech battenboard


Electric power and compressed air distribution system duct

The customer opted for massive, 40 mm thick beech battenboard as the material for the worktops. These worktops are designed for indoor environments with constant temperature and humidity. Their great advantage is mechanical resistance and long service life.  

In the rear part of the workbench worktop, there is a distribution duct to ensure safe and convenient electric power and compressed air supply. In the duct, there are fuse elements, socket circuits closers and lighting. The solid frame of the duct is made of anodized aluminium profiles combined with painted steel parts.

Everything is ergonomically arranged within easy reach for the operator, thus contributing to higher performance and productivity.


Workshop workbench extensions with perforated panels, folding shelves and lighting



An extension is mounted onto the rear part of the workbenches. Tool and implement holders and boards for hanging plastic small parts containers can be mounted onto the perforated panels. Foldable storage shelves can be mounted at any height. A lighting fixture is mounted onto the upper part of the extension, effectively illuminating the entire workspace.    





Production plant equipped with workshop workbenches and material storage cabinets

The workbench containers have drawers guided on first-class Fulterer pull-out slides with the possibility of full extension and an area load capacity of 65 Kg. The inner space of the drawers is ready for the installation of partitions.

Over the entire width of the drawer, there is a handle made of anodized aluminium profile with non-slip grooves. At the front of the handle, there is a groove for inserting a label describing the contents of the drawer. The containers are fitted with a drawer central locking system.


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