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Wellness centres and waterparks

Changing rooms and changing rooms of sports, holiday, relaxation facilities, accommodation, and leisure facilities are characterized by specific conditions. For these, we have developed a premium collection of lockers and other equipment that meets them to the maximum extent.

We will be happy to advise you on a suitable solution.





Due to the nature of the premises, high demands are set for a clean design, which must be carefully coordinated with other building elements and furnishing and decorative items. Our team of specialists is ready to provide complete support and propose solutions that will help to co-create a pleasant and harmonious environment for your visitors.



Hotel wellness dressing room equipped with premium lockers
Changing room hotel wellness center



Premium Metal Locker


F3S 40 2 1 S AD




These areas are usually characterized by higher levels of humidity, which is why we have created a range of premium wardrobes with increased resistance. We use galvanized sheet metal painted with durable polyester paint for the cabinets and high-pressure laminate doors with a melamine finish. The doors are hung on stainless steel hinges with a damped closing system. The locker bars are made of special anodized aluminum profiles.



Changing rooms for waterparks
Design wardrobes for waterparks



Premium wardrobes for the sauna center


F3S 30 2 2 A AD




Thanks to the materials and technologies used, our wardrobes can withstand even challenging conditions with higher levels of condensing moisture.

A wide range of sizes and shapes are available to meet the requirements of most potential customers. In the case of large-scale projects, we are prepared to design special tailor-made solutions.



Premium wardrobes for the sauna center
Sauna locker room



Premium lockers with laminated doors


F3S 30 2 1 S DD




Our product range includes a wide range of locking systems including the simplest cylinder locks to mechanical coin locks, code locks, and electronic versions.

We can offer external door panels in a wide range of colors from the ABET Laminati collection.

For this type of product, the size of the minimum production batch is limited due to the variability of design, color, and material variants.



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