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Our goal is not just to hand over a few products from a model line. We will be happy to take care of an entire project. We will design solutions and products that will be the most suitable for your premises.

Outdoor parcel station

We are not afraid of any special requirements and untraditional wishes. Thanks to our  smart factory, we will produce individual components and customized complete products for you.
We pay attention to functionality, reliability and design. We will create an environment for you in which you will be able to work comfortably, an environment that will be modern and intuitive. We will complement careful workshop processing of the furniture with built-in power distribution, data distribution systems and monitoring equipment. We will advise you on the selection and final design. Let us create!

How will our cooperation take place?

We will listen to your ideas and present you a solution that will meet all your requirements. We develop, produce and constantly innovate our products. We can be flexible. Our knowledge is reflected in the careful and clever design of our equipment. We will prepare all the necessary documents and start the production. The handover process also includes the final installation of the furniture. But we can still stay in touch. You can contact us at any time, if you need service work and tips for improving our products.