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Automated Locker Luggage Storage System with a Payment Terminal

Your customers will be able to pick up their luggage at any time. No opening hours, no searching for coins in their pockets. In short, lockers work at any time, and you can pay for the safe storage of notebooks and other valuables by card. We have thought of everything. We have complemented the locker with a touch screen, payment terminal and receipt printer. We have equipped the smallest boxes with an USB socket for charging mobile devices.

Automated Locker Luggage Storage System with a Payment Terminal

Not only do we protect you, but also create a secure environment for you.

• Box S
- Notebook or personal belongings of the same dimensions 
• Box M
- Luggage corresponding to cabin luggage dimensions
• Box L
- Standard tourist luggage

How does the system work?

We have designed it to work for you. There will be no risk of meeting a bad-tempered employee or figuring out how big a locker you will need to store your belongings. The fully automated system will satisfy your needs without words. The clearly arranged application will handle all your requirements regarding the locker size and the rental period. You will find the information that everything went well on the receipt received. However, if you trust technology more than printed matter, the system will send a confirmation to you via an SMS message to your mobile phone. Just enter the code from the receipt to pick up your luggage. And what if you exceed the selected rental period? The system will notify you without any undue reproach and let you simply pay a balance due.