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Locker System for Automated Parcel Delivery

Give your customers extra comfort when taking over the ordered goods. Automating the process of storing and delivering parcels simplifies and speeds everything up. What steps does the customer have to take?
All you have to do is enter the authorization code via the touch screen terminal. If the customer has not paid for the parcel delivery yet, he/she can do so using the built-in payment terminal. The customer can then move to the appropriate box, which opens automatically.
Let yourself be amazed by the quality of our cabinets.
Look at what we have already been able to create for our clients.


We create, innovate and adapt to the requirements of today. Our locker system of electronically lockable boxes can be easily connected to the distribution company’s ERP system. You decide for yourself how many boxes the system will contain and what their dimensions will be. Safety and reliability are essential for us. We therefore recommend complementing the system with a CCTV camera recording device.