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Special Hanger Sets with Storage Boxes

In cooperation with our Dutch business partner, we have succeeded in winning the tender for repeated deliveries of special hanger sets for fire brigade locker rooms. 


Are you thinking of furnishing your facility?



Special hanger set for the firefighter suit with storage boxes for personal belongings and storage space for helmets
  The hanger sets are designed to store firefighter suits as a modular system, which consists of a basic and an additional unit. The sets are available in single sided and double sided versions, or in a version designed for mounting onto the wall. For optimal use of space, it is possible to manufacture sets designed for 2 or 3 people.  



Examples of the sets

Examples of hanger sets for firefighter suits and helmets



Hanger set for firefighters with personal belongings lockers


Firefighter helmet storage system


At the top of the set, there are personal belongings lockers. The lockers can be locked with cylinder locks or other types of locks.


More detailed information about the possibilities of using the locking system.

  In the upper part of the locker unit, there is a holder with three tubes made of anodized aluminium where firefighter helmets can be safely stored. The position of the tubes can be adjusted according to the user preferences and the type of the helmets used. In any case, there is always sufficient air access to the inside of the helmet for easier drying.


Hanger system for the firefighter suit
   Hanger set for firefighters, seating area, foot support for putting on firefighter boots


The hanger set is sufficiently dimensioned. Each user has a bar with three positions for inserting a clothes hanger, and a bar with three metal hooks at the back.

If you are interested, we are able to offer a supply of massive hangers for storing firefighter suits.


In the lower part of the set, there is a seating surface fitted with a solid beech slat. Besides sitting, it can be used as a support for faster putting on high firefighter boots.


Height-adjustable legs of the hanger systems for firefighter suits


The legs of the firefighter hanger sets for are height-adjustable, making it easy to deal with any uneven floors.


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