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Lockers for schools and educational institutions

Schools and educational institutions represent a special segment in the field of locker room equipment. It needs to be approached in a completely different way to other sectors. If you are preparing a project for the construction of new school cloakrooms or planning to modernise them, we recommend you not to underestimate the choice of lockers and equipment. We are a leading provider of high-quality lockers for schools across the Czech republic.

We will be happy to advise you on a suitable solution.





We offer a personal approach to our clients in the form of free consultations, consulting activities as well as sharing our experience and knowledge from many years of practice.

Metal lockers with a height of 150cm for primary school.
Metal lockers with a height of 150cm for primary school.



Metal lockers with a height of 150cm for primary school. Individual lockers are ventilated and can have double-plated doors.

A3M 30 2 1 S V15



Many schools are moving towards personal lockers. This is because they help students to develop a sense of responsibility and independence from a young age. Our  school lockers can help students learn how to organise and manage their belongings.

Our range of school lockers is both aesthetically appealing and functional. With a wide selection of colours and sizes makes it easy to source school lockers that match your school’s ethos and style.



Horizontally divided lockers height 180cm.
Horizontally divided metal lockers for high schools and gymnasiums.



Horizontally divided lockers, total height 180cm with multiple ventilation system, double-plated door option.

A3M 40 2 2 A



Our common goal is a successful project

Alfa3 experts are available for free consultations to assess the space options with regard to the planned capacity of the changing rooms. They will prepare a basic proposal for the placement of lockers and benches in the space, taking into account safety and fire aspects. They will use physical samples to show you the details of the construction and discuss the degree of tamper resistance. They will recommend the most appropriate layout and shape of lockers in your space and demonstrate the locking systems available. 

This will provide you with the technical background to ensure that the solution will reliably and securely meet need of your school.



Divided lockers height 195cm with sloping ceiling.
Lockers height 195cm  with sloping ceiling.



Lockers height 195cm with sloping ceiling, double-plated door option.

A3M 30 3 1 S SD




Our advice

  • With regard to fire safety, we strongly recommend the use of wardrobes instead of caged clothes hanging loosely. Tests we have carried out with our German partner in a certified laboratory have shown that the rate of spread of fire on loosely hung clothing is very high. A fire set inside a locker cell is often limited to a maximum of two adjacent cells and does not spread. We are able to substantiate this fact with test results.
  • From a fire protection point of view, it is also important to choose wardrobes made of sheet steel and avoid wood or plastic-based solutions.
  • Have a wardrobe layout designed by industry professionals. Our people can assess the solution in terms of the accessibility of the escape routes, design the right width of the aisles and avoid dangerous places.
  • Let us recommend the most suitable storage arrangement and equipment. If you will be placing shoes in the locker that the pupils use outdoors, don't forget the plastic catch trays to make cleaning easier and prevent water leaking into adjacent lockers.
  • Select the appropriate safety class for the resistance of the wardrobes. Consider the use of double door construction, the installation of door angle limiters, the use of reinforcement and security features, the type of lock bolts used, and be sure to pay attention to the quality of workmanship and treatment of the accessible edges of the locker components.
  • In the case of lockers for schools, we recommend choosing a locker construction made of steel sheet with increased durability, with a minimum material thickness of 0.6 mm for the body and 
    0.75 mm for the doors.
  • Most often we recommend the use of cylinder locks with a safety hook latch. We supply two keys for these locks as standard. All locks are prepared for emergency opening with a central key. For larger projects we recommend the purchase of an adequate number of spare locks.
  • Of course, we are not limiting ourselves to this locking system. We work with a wide range of lock and locking system manufacturers and can also offer you padlock locks, mechanical and electronic code locks, chip locks, advanced electronic solutions with Bluetooth communication or online solutions centrally managed via a web interface or connected to your information system.
  • The surface treatment is carried out with durable powder paints that provide long-term protection in the interior and are resistant to abrasion and scratches. We have a wide range of colours in our standard range that can be combined with each other. For larger projects, we can use colour shades exactly to the customer's specification, so there are no limits to the imagination.​


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