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Smart wardrobe locker

Our company has rich and extensive experience in the development and manufacturing of wardrobes and dressing room equipment. By adding smart, electronically lockable cabinets and boxes to our product range, we have taken this offering to an entirely new level in terms of comfort, design, security, and user benefits.

Smart electronically lockable wardrobes

For companies looking to definitively solve problems with the allocation of lockers and avoid extraordinary situations caused by undisciplined users or forgotten keys, we offer efficient management of locker allocation, access rights, and customization of additional features through a web interface. For larger projects, integration with the customer's corporate system allows the direct transfer of system management into the customer's information system.

The communication interface with users can be designed according to specific customer requirements. We can use code and chip readers, keyboards, touch terminals, or smartphone applications.

In the field of design and equipment of wardrobes and boxes, we collaborate with customers or architects to find solutions that respect material and colour requirements.

Our smart wardrobes are not limited to providing a secure space for storing personal belongings. They can also include comfortable elements such as lighting in the storage space, outdoor ambient lighting, and even UV disinfection.