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Parcel lockers

Through electronically lockable boxes of the alfaBOX model series, we provide continuous contactless service in package and parcel delivery, document exchange, luggage storage, personal belongings, materials, tools, and controlled issuance of keys for buildings and vehicles. As manufacturers with our own development and flexible robotized manufacturing infrastructure, we create solutions fully respecting the client's requirements and tailor the design to their needs and corporate identity.

Self-service dispensing system for parcel pick-up - Parcel locker

If needed, we can also provide a graphics application.

Our proprietary control electronics system is designed to allow optional expansion of functionalities precisely according to the specific project's needs.

Our own software offers a wide range of functionalities for every industry-specific solution. We can connect our devices with the customer's information system bidirectionally through cloud storage and API interfaces.

We also have solutions for customers who have their own electronics and software. Within our patented flexible construction system, we can accommodate electronic locks and control electronics from most global manufacturers. Professional assembly and testing are standard in this case.