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Parcel lockers - technical information



Outdoor package delivery stations are used by shipping companies and online stores for contactless package delivery. 


Outdoor delivery boxes are used by shipping companies

Indoor delivery boxes with a touch screen and payment terminal


Delivery boxes are available with a touch screen and payment terminal, or with a keyboard and display.






There are also terminal-free versions powered by rechargeable solar panels, controlled by a mobile phone application.

  Automated delivery locker unit with an island terminal-free solution   The system is operated as an island solution powered by solar panels. Electricity is stored in batteries, which ensures continuous operation of the delivery point. The user does not need to enter any information into the terminal to send or pick up the consignment. To operate the system, simply use a smartphone with the application of the logistics service provider. It connects to the delivery box, and you can easily handle everything on your own device.  



Self-service locker unit with electronic locks for sending and delivering consignments