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Slanted top with a solar panel for outdoor cabinet units 560

Product code: ABE VIK 560 SD FV
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Slanted top with a 560 mm wide solar panel. The solar panel is prepared for mounting a 5G antenna. Possibility of installation with a forward or backward tilt.

Outdoor locker unit of the package delivery station 10x doors  
  • Modul - 530 mm
  • Slope of the panel 15°    

Specification points

  • Tilting design of the top for easy access to the electronic control unit and cabling 
  • Photovoltaic panel 
  • Preparation for mounting a 5G antenna
  • Possibility of installation with a forward or backward tilt for better orientation of the panels to the cardinal directions 


Technical specification

Parcel lockers
Slanted top 3) Slanted top with solar panel
Modul 530 mm
Slanted top with overlap 10 mm

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