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Interior Electronically Lockable Boxes

Lockable parcel pickup stations with lockable boxes, personal storage boxes at workplaces, or boxes for reliable and documented transfer of documents between staff. All this is made possible by our interior boxes with a touch screen controller app.



Metal cabinet with electronically lockable boxes with a touch screen controller display


Reliable operation is guaranteed by our patented modular design with a high level of safety and reliability.

The station is made up of individual modules that can be connected into rows of any length. There are end panels at the end of each row. They can be made of metal or laminated chipboard.




Interior parcel locker, service access to the control electronics unit


Electronics control unit and cabling in the upper part of a metal cabinet with lockable boxes

The cable connection and electronics control unit can be found in the upper part of the cabinet units, and is locked with a cylinder lock. It is normally placed covertly under the front profile of the lid. Thus, nothing spoils the clear-cut exterior design of the box sets   After opening the lid, the service worker has convenient access to the electronics control unit and cabling. There is also a system for emergency mechanical unlocking of the electronic locks and connecting holes.


The interior of an electronically lockable metal box


Door damping elements and door opening angle limiters of an interior metal parcel locker


The interior of the box has minimal segmentation, which simplifies its use. 

The position of the lock is covert, thus limiting the possibility of unauthorized handling by the operator. 

In the event of a malfunction, the patented installation method of the lock allows the service worker to replace the lock without the necessity of dismantling the cabinet units.


The doors are fitted with noise dampening stops and effective opening angle limiters.




Electronics control unit of a cabinet with electronically lockable boxes


We are able to manufacture and deliver our electronic lockable boxes completely equipped with all electronic components and software on the so-called turnkey basis.

If the customer is interested, we are also able to integrate electronic systems supplied by the customer, or third-party systems.



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