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Outdoor terminal locker unit of the package delivery station 5x doors

Product code: ABE 53 5OD T P 327T224
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Outdoor terminal locker unit of the package delivery station, 5x doors, electronic locks with a position sensor, LED lighting of the compartment interior, electronic locks and connecting cables, mechanical emergency opening system, height-adjustable legs with anchoring and covering elements, prepared for installation of the roof and side panels.

Drawing of the outdoor terminal locker unit of the package delivery station  
  • Exterior height (mm) - 2200
  • Exterior width (mm) - 530
  • Exterior depth (mm) - 625
  • Interior width (mm) - 458
  • Interior depth (mm) - 600
  • Compartment heights (mm) - 180 / 280 / 380                   
  • Door mounting – right-handed
  • Height levelling range (mm) - 55
  • Lock opening force (N) - 21
  • Power supply - 230V
  • Network connection - LAN, LTE    


Equipment for an additional charge:

  • Payment terminal
  • Payment card readers
  • 2D scanner
  • Label printer
  • Electricity consumption measurement

Detailed Description

Outdoor delivery stations are used for contactless automatic package delivery or return. The modular system allows the connection of various variants of locker and terminal units into sets of any size.  Thanks to this, customers can configure the package delivery station with the required number of boxes with the storage volume size to exactly meet their needs. 


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The terminal is equipped with a screen


The terminal is equipped with a 10" touch screen, front camera, electronic control system, payment terminal and LED lighting of the payment terminal area. For an additional charge, the system can be supplemented with a 2D barcode reader.



LED lighting of the compartment interior


The door has a durable double-plated frame

The interior storage space of the box is made of hot-dip galvanized sheet metal, which resists abrasion and weather conditions very well. The front of the locker unit is reinforced, and provides a stable base for mounting doors and electronic locks. The compartment interior is equipped with LED lighting.    The door has a durable double-plated frame, and is fitted with an opening angle limiter and a drip edge for water drainage.


In the upper part of the body, there is space for the electronic control system


Height-adjustable legs, anchoring elements


In the upper part of the body, there is space for the electronic control system and channels for connecting cable harnesses.



The locker unit is fitted with massive height-adjustable legs with anchor plates. The height adjustability range is 55 mm. The space under the body is fitted with a sliding cover.


Specification points

  • Durable design for outdoor applications, mechanical features against water leakage
  • Reinforcement of the body in the place of mounting the doors, locks and opening angle limiters
  • Durable double-plated door frame, with an opening angle limiter approximately 100 ° 
  • Standard right-handed door mounting (left-handed door mounting on request)
  • 10” touch display
  • Face camera
  • Electronic control system
  • Uninterruptible power supply
  • LED lighting of the box interior 
  • LED lighting of the exterior payment terminal area
  • Electronic locks with automatic door opening and a position sensor
  • Emergency mechanical lock release system
  • Space for the installation of electronics and cables
  • Height-adjustable legs
  • Anchoring elements
  • Preparation for interconnection of locker units in rows
  • Preparation for the installation of roof panels
  • Preparation for mounting side panels
  • Possibility of additional expansion of the module set


Technical specification

Parcel lockers
Unit type 3) With a terminal
Modul 530 mm

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