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Outdoor parcel delivery unit with 74 boxes

Product code: ABE T 74 K0001
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Parcel delivery unit with 74 boxes for outdoor use. The set is made up of eleventy cabinet units fitted with overlapping tops, side cover panels, LED lighting IP overview camera, face camera and a height-adjustable system for anchoring to the installation base.

The terminal is equipped with a 10" touch screen, front camera, electronic control system, payment terminal and LED lighting of the payment terminal area.

At the customer's request, it is also possible to install a scanner, printer or other devices.

Balíková doručovací jednotka s 74 ti boxy pro exteriérové použití.
  • Height (mm) - 2345
  • Width (mm) - 4890
  • Depth (mm) - 1045 / 625   

Specification points

  • Outdoor design 
  • 74 delivery boxes + 1 terminal box
  • Slanted top with 400 mm overhang
  • Backup battery as protection against power failures
  • Low-energy electronic control unit with Bluetooth and LTE communication
  • 10" touch screen
  • Electronic locks
  • Mechanical emergency opening system
  • Height-adjustable system to level the unevenness of the base
  • Anchoring system
  • Retractable cover panels to cover the gap between the plinth and the base
  • 230V supply and Ethernet connection not required


Technical specification

Parcel lockers
Unit type 4) package delivery with a terminal
Slanted top 1) With overhang and LED light
Modul 530 mm
Recommended assemblies 1) Terminal
Slanted top with overlap 400 mm

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