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GLS Czech Republic training in our company

In May this year, two training sessions were held in our company for the sales and technical team of GLS Czech Republic. It was our pleasure to provide the participants with a detailed technical introduction to the GLS 2024 series parcel boxes that we completely manufacture for them.

06.06.2024 09:00

Training of GLS Czech republic employees



During the training, we spent the necessary time describing the advantages of our mechanical design, electronic components, their principles of operation, and the operating and monitoring software. The participants also had the opportunity to learn in detail about the entire production process – from the processing of sheet metal parts on robotic production lines to painting, assembly, and testing.



Alfa 3 production: sheet metal processing

Alfa 3: Production tour: assembly of GLS parcel boxes



The training concluded with lunch and an informal discussion. The feedback we received indicates that the event was a success and will be a valuable asset to all those involved in planning and managing the development of the GLS Parcel Box self-service delivery network.



Team GLS Czech republic



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Below we bring you impressions of the training from the participants themselves.


How satisfied were you with the training? Did you learn everything you needed to?
Zdeněk David, OOH Team Leader

"I think all my colleagues were delighted. I judge so by their reactions that have reached me. The training was factual and very beneficial, Mr. Zelený took excellent care of us and actively demonstrated and explained everything to us."


What was the main benefit of the training?
Zdeněk David, OOH Team Leader

"The main benefit was to find out how the production of the boxes itself takes place, what is behind it all, that at the beginning a "regular" sheet metal is inserted and at the end, the finished parts of the boxes come out, which only need to be assembled and the box is finished. The colleagues have refreshed themselves (or learned for the first time) about the boxes, which will help them find suitable locations for installing the boxes and agree on terms with partners."


GLS parcel boxes: assembly of electronic controls


How impressed were you with our production?
Zdeněk David, OOH Team Leader

"Great. The production areas are clean, and to a high standard, everything has a clearly defined system and procedure. I personally really liked the paint shop and the whole painting process."

Lukáš Křenek, OOH OPS Supervisor

"We were surprised by the production size, which was larger than we expected. We were also impressed by the high degree of automation used in the production."    


How do you rate our products and services?
Lukáš Křenek, OOH OPS Supervisor

"We have good experience with the smart boxes you produce. And if there are technical problems, the service has always been easy to arrange."

Zdislava Prokopová, OOH Sales Supervisor

"We don't come into contact with service as a sales department, but we rate the products (smart boxes) we work with daily very well. Even though we are not the leaders in the Czech logistics field regarding smart boxes, thanks to Alfa3 we have a perfect and modern product that is constantly evolving and gaining popularity with our recipients and shippers."




Many thanks to the staff of GLS Czech Republic for their excellent cooperation during the training. We look forward to future projects and are confident that our continued cooperation will lead to even more successful results!



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