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Delivery boxes for BENU

We have successfully completed the installation of the first delivery box for BENU Česká republika s.r.o., which operates an extensive network of pharmacies and the e-shop. This installation is the first to be delivered as part of the pilot project, with further installations to follow soon. 

08.04.2024 09:00


Dispensing box of BENU pharmacy company


We have used our proven modular system of delivery parcel boxes, and the dimensions of the dispensing compartments have been adapted to the customer's requirements. The system is controlled by a touch-screen terminal that serves as an intuitive communication environment for both the courier and the customer. We used a barcode or QR code scanner to speed up the stacking process. The machine is equipped with our sophisticated software that communicates in real-time with the operator's system via an API interface. The software also includes monitoring of operating parameters, including continuous monitoring of temperature conditions, which is essential when handling pharmaceuticals and medical devices.



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The system is controlled by a touch screen terminal


We are confident that our alfaBOX contactless delivery system will be a valuable asset to BENU, opening up new opportunities to enhance the already excellent level of customer service. With this innovative solution, we are not only improving delivery efficiency but also helping to provide BENU customers with a safer and more convenient way to access medicines and medical supplies.



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