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ALFORT Premium Garment Locker for Hotels and Aqua Parks

10.12.2020 09:00 Technical information

The bodies of ALFORT garment lockers are made of 0.8 mm thick galvanized steel sheet. The surface treatment is performed using exterior powder paints, thanks to which high corrosion resistance is achieved.

  ALFORT premium garment locker designed for wellness centres and aqua parks  


The massive welded structure is a guarantee of reliability and high mechanical resistance.

  Designer metal garment locker with doors made of compact boards  


The door panels are made of compact boards. The boards are made of thick-walled compact laminate with an HPL surface. This material is resistant to moisture, mechanical damage and chemicals.

Alternatively, we can offer doors made of galvanized sheet metal painted with facade powder paint. In this case, the customer can choose from a wide range of RAL standard colour shades.


Garment locker doors made of compact boards   Compact boards are available in a wide range of colour shades of wood decors and various textures and patterns.


The doors are mounted on adjustable hinges fitted with a damped closing mechanism. For an extra charge, we can supply stainless steel door hinges. The standard door opening angle is approx. 110°. The doors are fitted with an opening angle limiter.

  Door hinge of ALFORT premium metal garment locker


Cylindrical lock with a hook bolt   The most common locking variant is cylinder locks. However, the customer can choose from a wide range of locking systems according to their preferences. Their detailed description is given in a separate section of our magazine.


Do you want us to recommend you a suitable locking method?
We will certainly find a common solution.



The lockers have an effective natural ventilation system. The cross section of the ventilation holes complies with the requirements of DIN 4547.

The shelves are connected to the bodies using resistance welding technology combined with shaped joints. The surface load capacity of the storage shelves is at least 30 Kg.

  Storage shelf with an oval aluminium clothes hanging rail


ALFA 3 massive flat oval clothes hanging rail with grooves   The garment lockers of the ALFORT line are standardly supplied with a solid flat-oval grooved clothes hanging rail in the original ALFA 3 design with a load capacity of 20 Kg.
The sliding plastic hooks and towel hooks have a load capacity of 4 Kg.


The mounting hole of the lock is reinforced with a stainless steel plate, which distributes the load over a larger area. The special shape of the lock bolt, together with the stainless steel locking counterpart, guarantees high resistance to forced door levering.

Damping stop elements are mounted in the door plate.

  ALFORT garment locker lock bolt with a damped closing mechanism


Door made of compact board with HPL surface   The external part of the door is fitted with a handle in a design that suitably complements the overall look of the premium garment locker of the ALFORT line.



We would like to point out that this type of garment lockers is only available for large and medium-sized projects. Door panels are ordered individually in the decors required by the customer for a specific project and, therefore, it is necessary to take into account longer delivery times.


Are you thinking of upgrading the equipment of the locker rooms?
We will be happy to help you with the design. We will find a common solution.