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Wardrobe for firefighters 1800 x 1200 x 500

Product code: H3FF 40 3 B 3000

The following types of product are available:

Locking system
Colour shades of KLASIK chart
Door color RAL palette KLASIK
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Wardrobe for firefighters, legs v = 120 mm, width of compartment 400 mm, number of compartments - 3, number of doors in compartment - 1, Wardrobe is equipped with grooved wardrobe bar of oval cross-section with increased load capacity. The wardrobe bar is equipped with three metal hooks H1HK with a load capacity of 10 kg. Inside each compartment there are two massive belt hooks on the side. The bottom of the wardrobe is perforated.


Detailed Description

Solid wardrobe flat-oval wardrobe bar with impact suit on solid metal hangers   Space for storing intervention shoes


Under the shelf, there is a reliable, non-removable flat-oval grooved clothes hanging rail. Above the shelf, there are sliding metal hooks with increased load capacity. If you are interested, you can also order stable metal hangers for firefighter suits from us.  

The bottom of the firefighter locker is perforated. If you are interested, it is possible to order removable grates made of galvanized sheet metal.


Solid profiled legs for firefighter wardrobes with height rectification    

The firefighter lockers can be placed on legs made of solid steel profiles, and are equipped with plastic slides with the possibility of height rectification.





Technical specification

Garment Lockers
Locker height (mm) 1800
Width of department (mm) 400
Number of departments (columns) 3
Number and arrangement of doors in the department 1x

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