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Lockers and seating benches for Povrly Copper Industries a.s.




We are delighted to have won the tender for Povrly Copper Industries a.s. for the manufacture, supply and installation of wardrobe equipment.  

Our comprehensive supply included 152 wardrobes with superior storage space fitted with together lockable doors and practical towel rails. We carefully designed these wardrobes with optimum organisation of the wardrobe space in mind. In addition, we have also supplied 12 changing benches to ensure a higher level of comfort when changing.





Metal wardrobes of the ALSIN model series, large storage space, practical towel rail





The wardrobes have an innovative ALSIN modular design that brings a number of advantages. This construction is renowned for its high stability, durability and precision craftsmanship, which ensures long life and trouble-free product functionality. 

One of the key features of our wardrobes is the sloping top lid of the body. This functional design feature has a practical use - it prevents items from being placed on the top surface of the wardrobe and thus contributes to keeping the wardrobes tidy. As a result, the wardrobes will always look neat and organised.



Are you thinking of furnishing the changing rooms?





View of the interior layout of a metal wardrobe with storage shelves and hooks for clothes





Our wardrobes offer two spacious 300 mm wide compartments for each user. Each compartment is equipped with a practical storage shelf and a wardrobe bar with sliding hooks that can support a load of up to 10 kg. The interior of the cabinet is perforated, which ensures natural ventilation.





Reinforced metal wardrobe doors with safety reinforcements and profiling





Our wardrobes boast an innovative door design that emphasises safety and user comfort. Thanks to a special holding system in the closed position, using a 45° contact angle, we ensure a firm and secure closing of the door. Unlike our competitors, we have avoided the use of risky stop edges that could cause injury to the user.

Our wardrobe doors feature a perimeter moulding with three bends and a closed reinforcement profile located along the entire height. This design contributes to the increased durability and strength of the doors, ensuring their longevity. In the manufacture of our wardrobes, our company places emphasis on quality, functionality and safety to ensure maximum satisfaction, safety and comfort for our customers.





External tubular towel rail located at the top of the metal wardrobe





Our wardrobes are individually customised to meet the needs and wishes of our customers. We are always ready to respond to their specific requirements. One of the customisations we have made is the placement of an aluminium anodised bar at the top of the wardrobe. This bar is used to hang towels, which users can dry quickly and easily.

The dryer holders are made of durable plastic, which guarantees their longevity and reliability. They are designed with a bevelled shape, which is important for the safety of users. This design minimises the risk of injury.



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