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ALFA 3 Design, Production and Sale of Metal Furniture

We are constantly striving to innovate our products and meet the requirements of our clients to the maximum extent possible. Find smart solutions that make everyday life easier. That is why we place great emphasis on the functionality and safety of our products, on precision in every detail. Because details are important.

We create reliable and long-lasting values

The ALFA 3 metal furniture is of premium quality, precisely processed, and of a timeless design. The important technical solutions are protected by patents or industrial designs, and we use only high-quality and operationally proven materials from reliable suppliers.


Let yourself be amazed by the quality of our cabinets.
Look at what we have already been able to create for our clients.

We provide a wide range of products and we are able to work on unique orders.
Exactly according to your wishes.

Our metal furniture can stand up to the demanding conditions of daily use.
Do you need any other reasons why to furnish your premises with our furniture?


We produce metal furniture in our own factory

✓ We are not just a reseller. We design our products ourselves and then produce them directly in our smart factory. The entire design and production process takes place in our country, in the Czech Republic.

✓ We pay attention to the detailed preparation of the orders. We responsibly prepare the necessary documentation and mutually agree on the precisely specified assignment, so that the final product should perfectly comply with your idea.

✓ We also apply the proven construction procedures to atypical products to the maximum extent possible. We also carefully record all information about the performed and planned activities. Thanks to the automation of all processes, we save time and money.

Our specialists will design a customized project for you

✓ We create our own atypical and non-standard products. We are able to shield an entire project and manufacture complete customized products or individual parts for you to suit your technical and design requirements.
✓ We can improve our product range with built-in power distribution, data distribution and monitoring equipment. We will make sure that every piece of our furniture serves you properly and makes it easier for you to perform your daily duties.

✓ Every piece of our furniture undergoes thorough testing in our factory environment. Feedback from our employees and customers who use our products on a daily basis is equally important for us. Our metal furniture is therefore 100% functional and reliable.

We control the development and manufacturing of our products

✓ The members of the company management have an engineering education and many years of experience in the field. They take over supervision of the design and development of all products. We have an overview of the entire process from project design to product delivery and final installation.

✓ We focus on innovation, and we do not forget about constant validation and control of the work procedures while designing our products. The same holds true for our attitude towards business offers. Well-processed orders are equally important to us as new creative procedures and plans.

✓ We will furnish your project with quality metal furniture and non-traditional products that perfectly follow the trends of modern times. We will produce charging lockers for e-bikes, tablets, notebooks, hand tools, as well as automated parcel delivery systems for you.

We will take care of the implementation of the entire project.
Leave the design, selection of products and manufacturing of atypical products to us.


What spaces will we furnish with our metal furniture together?